Our experienced Trademark team can assist you with enforcing your trade mark rights around the world

Looking for a solution to monitor any new applications for similar marks or for monitoring competitors or counterfeiters’ impact on your brand?

LTJ Trademark helps its clients to monitor and evaluate the IP activity of their competitors to better understand their competitive environment and thus avoid any infringement of their IP rights.

LTJ Trademark proposed solutions:

Monitoring Trademarks

Domain Names

Corporate Names

Trade Names

These monitoring services are tailored according to our client’s needs and IP rights. We are able to adapt to any specific request regarding patents, trademarks, designs, or models.

In addition, LTJ Trademark assists its clients in their fight against the counterfeiting of their trademarks or patents by collaborating with customs for monitoring potentially infringing products.


of IP rights portfolio and IP management


in formally defining an IP strategy


an IP policy and the corresponding procedures


of employee-related aspects & tax-related matters.

Your Benefits

  • Securing a monopoly;
  • Damages in the event of an infringement.

Our strenghts

We are attorneys-at-law with experience in both litigation and licensing.

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