A registered trademark is a valuable asset for a business to own. It offers security and value. It ties directly into what drives revenue and value to a business. Every business will supply goods or services to customers to drive revenue and hopefully customer loyalty. The goods or services supplied might encompass a clever invention, be an innovative service, something that people will want to wear or be seen with, or it may be a purely functional item which people use in their everyday lives to make things easier.

Build a successful brand

Time has come to protect your brand

A business will engage with its customers under a distinctive name, typically a brand, so the customers can recognize the goods or services on the market, be confident they will be getting what they desire, and repeat that experience. Being able to protect the revenue stream by preventing competitors from trespassing within your market space not only helps to maintain market share but can also help the business grow.

Why Register?

Various rights are granted through the registration to help stop third parties trespassing into a company’s market space with the same or similar name for their products or services. This allows a business to keep sensible and reasonable limits around what is distinctive about its business and which attracts and retains customers.

The purpose of registered trademarks is to distinguish the goods or services of one business from another. The right that is granted is not a positive right to use that trademark on the market, but a negative right to prevent others from trespassing within the scope of that registration.

3 Ways to Register



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LTJ Trademark Services

LTJ offers the following 3 STEPS trademark enforcement services:

Search Report

We conduct preliminary research prior to the registration of new trademarks to identify prior rights, assessment on the global distinctiveness of the trademarks and if there are any pre-registered marks significantly similar to the proposed trademarks which may lead to the refusal of the trademark’s registration.

Request submission

Preparing and filing a request for trademark depending on the strategy of covered territories for which protection is sought. We can register trademarks in any territory our client intends to use them. We represent our clients in the examination procedure until the Certificate of Registration is issued.

Trademark Monitor

After the Certificate of Registration is issued, we monitor the trademarks for potential infringements and competitors, to identify risks and opportunities in the market. We take immediate action to meet deadlines for filing oppositions against infringing trademark applications.

Other Services:


Filings for transfer of ownership, change of name/address, licenses, pledges, coexistence agreements

Opposition Procedures

assistance and representation in opposition procedures

Assistance & Representation

assistance and representation for formal notice letters, bailiff summonses, bailiff notices, counterfeit seizures before Courts

Renewal Procedures

notification of renewal procedures

Drafting documents

drafting of licenses and assignments