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Intellectual Property Services

LTJ TRADEMARK - your IP Experts

LTJ Trademark is the intellectual property entity of LTJ & Partners, registered since 2005 with the Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys.

Our team provides in-depth Intellectual Property know-how, along with the resources and experience of our law firm.

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Why Clients Use Our Services

We find the best IP strategy for our clients depending on the territories where protection is sought.


We represent and assist clients before the State Office of Inventions and Trademarks in all aspects regarding IP rights like new applications, registration – transfer of ownership, change of name or address, licenses, oppositions, patent validation, payment of annuities or renewals, etc.


Our attorneys can help clients secure a trademark registration in all the European countries based on one application in an efficient timely manner.

Outside EUROPE

If clients are seeking protection for a trademark outside the European Union, we can help them obtain protection in the territories of their choice with an international application.

Multiple Countries

Our team can seek patent protection in multiple countries by filing one international application.

European Patent Office

Our team can also handle applications and European patent validations with the European Patent Office.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

Should you seek protection with the United States Patent & Trademark Office or to protect an invention as part of a strategy, we can assure assistance and representation in all the necessary procedures.

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What Sets Us Apart

We protect innovation from start to finish


There are different types of creations, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. We are here to help you throughout the creation of your brand name/logo to ensure that it is protectable and registrable and to earn recognition or financial benefit from what you invent or create.


Before using or seeking to register a brand name or a logo we will advise you as to an appropriate clearance strategy to highlight any third-party rights that may restrict the use of your chosen trademark either now or in the future. By conducting research, you can develop a strong trademark that other competitors will find difficult to steal.


We will develop a strategy to ensure that you secure valuable trade mark registrations for your chosen trademark in any territory you wish to obtain protection and for the goods and services you are interested in.


We can assist you with enforcing your trademark rights around the world, including by monitoring any new applications for similar marks, monitoring competitors or counterfeiters impacting on your brand, and enforce the brand through Registry proceedings and where necessary National Courts, including in oppositions procedures before State Office for Inventions and Trademarks or European Intellectual Property Office. Our attorneys have dual-qualification as Lawyers and Intellectual Property Agents, authorized by the Romanian Chamber of Patent Attorneys.


We help clients reach new markets through new marketing and distribution channels, increase brand recognition and improve their business. For example, we can help clients use trademark licenses for manufacturing, distribution, promotion, use and sale of products and services.


Securing your trademarks is just the start and our team can advise on all aspects of portfolio management to ensure that your portfolio works for you and is maintained throughout the life of the registrations. Our trademark lawyers work closely with you to understand your business goals to identify ways to exploit your brand and protect your trademark from infringement and counterfeiting.

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Words From Our Clients

The way LTJ Trademark handled the trademark rights of the Chamber of Commerce was outstanding and professional !‘

Alain Schodts Executive Director @ Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldodan Chamber of Commerce

'The attorneys at LTJ Trademark are outstanding. They were totally dedicated to my project and answered to all my questions quickly."

Elena Paraschiv-Pop Founder & Managing Partner @ Business Mind

“LTJ Trademark showed they master the process for obtaining a European trademark for Frumoro in the shortest time possible. The results of their work demonstrate a high level of professionalism, full commitment and a focus on practical results. ”

Koen Vanvinckenroye Owner-Frumoro

"We have been operating in the BPO industry in both EU and non-EU markets, so we chose LTJ Trademark to properly secure our IP rights across all of these territories. We have been very pleased with the services we have received from LTJ Trademark, a highly professional firm, which we are strongly recommend.”

Marian Raianu CEO - Euroanswer

“Working with LTJ Trademark has been a pleasant journey even under the stress of a possible dispute for trademark rights. Thank you for your excellent and efficient service!”

Vlad Pitaru CEO-Expert Network

“We really appreciate LTJ Trademark's professional expertise in registering and protecting our trademark rights”

Andrei Dorobantu General Manager @ Klacska Romania

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